Cuchulainn Chariot Charge



Cuchalainn Chariot Charge

457mm x 457mm – Original Painting Sold


Something very different than my normal subject matter.

We are blessed in this country with a rich mythology and history that perhaps only the Greeks or Vikings could rival. I grew up with tales of Cuchulainn and Queen Medb, Fionn mac Cumhaill and Diarmuid and Grainne. It was a world of warriors and battles and primal energy

I tried to capture that sense of energy in this painting and to make it beautiful but raw and fierce also, encapsulated in the wild eyed fear in his two horses, Liath Macha (“grey of Macha”) and Dub Sainglend (“black of Saingliu”) which were the two sidhe chariot-horses of CĂșchulainn

It was a joy to create that brought me back to my Celtic routes.