Pebbles On The Beach – Bray Seashore



Pebbles On The Beach – Bray Seashore

410mm x 297mm – Acrylic – Original Sold

Here is my painting of the iconic beach at Bray. Bray is a place that a lot of people have a happy association with from either present day or their childhood memories.

I was aware that by taking this on I was going to have to grow further in my Art to achieve the end result I wanted. There was no way to do the pebbles the way I wanted other than painting by them individually. To get the wet look of the water flowing back into the sea meant painting several layers of colour, a shadow and then wet highlights on each pebble. However the time spent was worth it.
The water flowing back over the shingle, coupled with the incoming wave and surf, gives a nice motion to the painting that I find relaxing.